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I grew up in Washington DC. My parents saw education as the key to opportunity and transferred me several times to take advantage of more rigorous academic programs. Their efforts culminated in my graduation from Smith College with a degree in mathematics, and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School.

My entire career has been devoted to providing equity and access. After graduation, I worked as a lawyer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I also served as a Hearing Officer for the Massachusetts Public Utility Commission.

After serving as legal counsel and hearing officer, I identified and was able to combine my legal and public service skills with my own personal passion and family legacy, the field of education.

My experience in education includes serving as the Director of the National Institute of Educational Governance, Finance, Policymaking and Management in the US Department of Education. This Office was concerned with improving the quality of education and access to equal opportunities for all children.

Later, as acting Director of the National Institute on Education of At-Risk Students, we looked at educational activities designed to improve outcomes for students at risk because of socioeconomic factors including race and limited English proficiency.

I was also fortunate enough to serve as program manager for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, where I managed a $129 million budget and was responsible for reporting the results as “The Nation’s Report Card” as well as overseeing the quality assurance aspect of the program.

I serve on the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee but of equal importance is my work with groups and individuals on mentoring programs and my advocacy for quality and equity in education.

I want to transfer the skills, knowledge and interests that I have developed over my extensive career, and through my community involvement, to the Montgomery County Board of Education.


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